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Start Your Own VoIP Company

Become a wholesale termination provider


mt Calls provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses and around the world to start their own businesses in the telecom industry without taking great financial, marketing and other risks. mt Calls's wholesale agents do not need to invest heavily in equipment, software and technology, or lengthy processes to sign up with carriers and make significant deposits. All it takes to start a new VoIP business is to make an initial prepayment of 1000 USD, which will be used for future traffic consumption. Within several business days the agent account will be setup and activated and the wholesale agent can start rendering services to his/her customers.


  • Wholesale agents purchase voice traffic from mt Calls at wholesale rates.
  • No investment required on soft switches and hardware.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • No sign up or monthly fees.
  • Sell services under own brand.
  • Completely customizable business management platform is provided to the wholesale agents. With that platform wholesale agents can:
  • Set their own rates for their customers.
  • Create different rate plans with different billing increments (rounding to seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute etc.)

Retail Services

With mt Calls's Turnkey platform, you can start your VoIP company quickly and implement the business model of your choice. mt Calls makes it easy to set up, manage, and expand your business. No investment is required on soft switches or hardware.

mt Calls offers a free, easy-to-use SIP soft phone. Our software enables you to open accounts for clients with individual PIN numbers. You may create as many client profiles as you wish.

You can generate PINs and manage your customers through your domain interface. Your customers can then check their call reports on your website.

mt Calls's business plan is a partnership, both in its back-end support and concepts, as well as in the support and the tools that we offer.

Features include:

  • Personalized website support and development - mt Calls will host a private label websites which are fully featured with all the functionality needed for a VoIP seller.
  • Appear as a fully independent VoIP service provider.
  • Set your own rate list to sell to your customers.
  • Full control of your business.
  • Set your own currency rates and client time zones.
  • Access to a web based control panel, which has a complete set of customer management tools.
  • Manage your clients and their credit limits.

Residential/Business Billing - Prepaid and Postpaid

Residential and business services have become one of the most requested services of the VoIP Industry. mt Calls billing for residential/business services manages billing and call information related to both prepaid and postpaid service operations.

By providing these services, mt Calls offers home owners and corporate clients more than 60% savings on long distance fees and access to many enhanced features like web interfaces, instant account recharge through credit card, and PIN-less dialing among others.

Key Features

mt Calls's VoIP Enhanced Billing Software is the cornerstone of its Prepaid/Postpaid Home/Business Services Solution. Software package includes:

  • H323 and SIP Support: mt Calls's VoIP platform is fully compatible with H323 protocol. Additionally, mt Calls's SIP Server Package can be easily integrated into your original platform to support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and provide numerous capabilities and special features like Call Forwarding, ANI, NAT Client Support, IP-IVR, and IP address/Gateway/Prefix Authentication.
  • Multi-Carrier Support: mt Calls's platform allows you to use multiple carriers so you can take advantage of the lowest cost routing features.
  • PIN Generation Management: User-friendly PIN and Serial Generation Tool so you can easily produce your cards. Special modules to generate pins, activate and deactivate, including fraud detection support.
  • Reseller/Agent Registration and Management Tools: Commission assignment and online purchasing module. Customers and resellers can log-in, activate accounts, check their balances and call details and make their credit card payments with all the security standards required.
  • Call Credit Limit Control: Using radius billing and AAA, mt Calls fully integrates its Billing Solution to make sure that calls automatically disconnect once the client balance is exhausted.
  • Flexible Rate Definition Tools: Including peak and off peak rates, flat rates, connection and service fees, recurring fees, taxes and promotional rates.

Other Enhanced Features of our Billing Platform:

  • Termination Module
  • Radius/AAA Compatible
  • PC to Phone Support
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Multi-Gateway Support
  • Multiple Calling Card and Postpaid Services Support
  • Toll Free Number Special Rating Support
  • Postpaid Customer Registration and Management Tools
  • Rechargeable Account Support
  • Customer Service Tools including Card/Customer Discount and Refund Capabilities
  • Multiple Business Account Support
  • Real-time On-line Call Monitoring
  • Instant CDR Reporting based on Calling Card/Postpaid Service, Client, Resellers, Time, Date, City, Country, Carrier, Active Calls, Low Balance, etc.
  • ASR Reporting
  • Business Analysis Reports and Graphic Charts
  • Real Time Remote Monitoring of entire system through the web

Who Should Take Advantage of These Solutions?

New entrepreneurs looking to start a business using VoIP Technology.

Existing telcom based calling card companies or carriers that would like to migrate to VoIP and increase profits while decreasing costs.

Existing or emerging ITSPs and ISPs that would like to use their existing infrastructure to add VoIP calling cards to their list of services. For more information, please contact us.

Sample International Rates

Country Rate (USD)
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
Egypt 0.03
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Iran 0.09
Italy 0.08
Lebanon 0.08
Mexico 0.03
USA 0.003
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Italy 0.08
Nigeria 0.03
Ghana 0.12
Pakistan 0.01
Zimbabwe 0.16
Iraq 0.09
Saudi-Arabia 0.08
Jordan 0.08
Israel 0.02
Russia 0.02
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