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How it Works

You can use � Mtcalls �in various ways to get connected at the highest voice quality and lowest rates possible. Mtcalls works just like a normal telephone. You pick up the phone, dial the number and you?ll be connected.
How to Get Started .
a). Apply for a Mtcalls account by visiting the Sign Up page. Fill in the necessary fields and click on submit.

b). After you have clicked on submit, you will be able to see your login information and a confirmation will also be sent to your email id.

c). The login information will have two id?s, one to login to the MTCalls Soft phone and the other to login to your account using the webpage� The password is common for both the id?s. We have for you best solution as you can save 90% on your international and roaming costs!!!Ask for more details please E-mail us our�
2. Download MTCalls Soft phone and install.
Download the appropriate�MTCalls �Soft Phone from the link given below and install it .�PC & Mobile Dialer
3. Signing in to MTCalls soft phone
a). To login to your MTCalls soft phone open the Soft Phone, in the login area enter your MTCalls Soft Phone user id/name and password.

b). After you have entered the User id/name and password, you can enable ?Sign me in Automatically? so that you don?t have to enter the user id/name every time when you open Soft Phone.

c). Once you have logged in you will able to see as ?Registered? in your soft phone. If you see as ?Unregistered? please check your user id/name or password.

d). Now you are ready to make calls from MTCalls Soft Phone.
4. Making Free Calls
a). To make free calls form PC to PC or Mobile to Mobile, just dial the�MTCalls �Soft Phone ID of your friend.

b). Example : Suppose your friend?s MTCalls Soft Phone user id is ?1120? , open your �MTCalls �Soft Phone and dial the number ?1120? and click on call. Now you are connected.
5. Making Calls to Landline or Mobile
a). To make calls to landline or mobile anywhere across the at cheap rates, you need to have balance in your account.

b). You can add balance by buying it online from our website, after you have logged in to your account and buy here.

Sample International Rates

Country Rate (USD)
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
Egypt 0.03
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Iran 0.09
Italy 0.08
Lebanon 0.08
Mexico 0.03
USA 0.003
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Italy 0.08
Nigeria 0.03
Ghana 0.12
Pakistan 0.01
Zimbabwe 0.16
Iraq 0.09
Saudi-Arabia 0.08
Jordan 0.08
Israel 0.02
Russia 0.02
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