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»Re-chargable You can recharge at any time. No need to create or buy new accounts.
»24/7 Customers support We are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Online chat or MSN chat or Yahoo chat. Or directly by telephone.
»Flexible payment methods You can use PAYPAL accounts to pay. If you don’t have PayPal account, use your credit card or debit card within the PayPal payment screen.
»Use your Credit/Debit card safely We don’t ask you Credit/Debit card numbers at all. You are using it within PayPal web site. So it is very safe.

»Online account management You can view call history, make payments, set authorized caller IDS, See payment history and everything in the web site.
»Unlimited authorized caller IDs You can add unlimited caller IDs to make calls from. Like home phone, cellphone number etc. to your account.
»You can still use PIN Still you can call from any phone using the PIN.
»No other fees No sign up fees, No expiration dates, No termination fees, No monthly fees, No usage fees or any other fees.
»Call from PC You can make calls directly from the PC using the dialer available in the web site. Either web dialer or downloadable PCDialers.
»Call from Nokia Mobile phone You can install our Mobile dialer in a Nokia Phone and make calls without using Mobile minutes.
»Best rates with best quality We have lower rates to all over the world with best quality.
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