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Welcome to MTCalls

Are you struggling to keep in touch with loved ones around the world in a cost effective way? Are you a small business in need of reliable and inexpensive communications solutions? Do you feel limited making international calls through computer-to-computer technology? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then MTCallsis your solution!

MTCalls leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers customers access to an extensive network that spans 185 countries. Leveraging this network, MTCallsprovides the lowest possible rates on all international calling without any of the extra charges you find elsewhere. Our rates are flat- we do not hold you to a contract, monthly fees or call surcharges.

All Available on MTCalls

Download the free dialer, Register for a free account, Purchase call time as Low as 5USD, Make your calls.

Sample International Rates

Country Rate (USD)
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
Egypt 0.03
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Iran 0.09
Italy 0.08
Lebanon 0.08
Mexico 0.03
USA 0.003
Afghanistan 0.13
Australia 0.06
France 0.02
Germany 0.03
India 0.01
Italy 0.08
Nigeria 0.03
Ghana 0.12
Pakistan 0.01
Zimbabwe 0.16
Iraq 0.09
Saudi-Arabia 0.08
Jordan 0.08
Israel 0.02
Russia 0.02
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